Elf Nourishing and Illuminating Eye Cream for Wrinkles

Elf Nourishing and Illuminating Eye Cream Review

Dylan Wingate BScPhm, RPh

What Is Illuminating Eye Cream?

The eye beauty market is crammed with products all containing the best marketing speak about being able to keep those crows’ feet and fine skin creases at bay. Consumers are faced with the difficult task of separating fact from fiction, with some forking out thousands of dollars and months of wasted time trying to find a cream that actually works. We hope that our review today of Illuminating Eye Cream can go some way towards helping you assess this product, and giving you some indication of what to look for in a good eye product based on scientific research.

Elf says its Illuminating Eye Cream keeps your eye area hydrated and minimizes dark circles because its formula is richly nourishing. It harnesses the power of jojoba, vitamin E, and cucumber.


The featured ingredients are:

Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E are major antioxidants, fighting free radicals to slow down the cell degeneration which leads to the signs of aging. Cucumber has the same properties but is also a major hydrator, so your skin does not look dried out but plump – skin that is not hydrated enough naturally tends to look more lined and creased. Jojoba is great for moisturizing the skin and delivering fatty acids which boost collagen, along with the Cetearyl alcohol (a good, non-irritating fatty form of alcohol). What it does not contain though is rich antioxidant algae and enzymes that offer superior protection against premature aging. This formula also lacks protective and regenerating alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin B5. This means the formula is under-represented when it comes to actively reverse the signs of aging (as opposed to just slowing it down), long-term cell repair, and boosting skin elasticity. Critical ingredients such as Passionflower and Alpenrose that would reduce dark circles such as puffiness and under-eye bags are missing, as are several other clinically proven ingredients.

How To Use

Gently dab the cream over your eyelids and under-eye area. Do this twice a day, that is, morning and evening. First cleanse your eye area then use this cream along with a daily moisturizer. The usage instructions are good although the manufacturer neglects to advise if you should use an evening moisturizer cream as well. The cream comes in a little round jar.

What Is The Cost?

You’ll pay $10.00 for a small jar of cream with a mass of 0,49 oz. There are no discounts for buying more than one little tub, but a purchase of more than $25 qualifies you for a free gift as well as free shipping.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

The manufacturer says that due to the low price of the products it is unable to offer returns or exchanges although damaged goods will be replaced. We find it somewhat strange that cost is put forward as the reason for not being able to accommodate a returns policy, and suspect it has something to do with a potential lack of efficacy instead – it invariably always does. On the one hand, a low-cost product does not pose as big a risk to the consumer as a pricey one – but that is irrelevant. On the other hand, too, if your product is inexpensive, which it is compared to other brands, it should be selling much more units and from these increased profits, you should be able to absorb the cost of returns.

Conclusion Of Our Illuminating Eye Cream Review

We like that this eye cream is vitamin E rich (although we would have preferred to know how much vitamin E was included) as this is both a vital antioxidant and cell rejuvenator. It is also great that the product is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. There are concerns though. Elf sells at a low price and even uses this value proposition to justify the lack of any returns policy (in our opinion, this is never good news for a consumer and always raises questions regarding whether the cosmetic item can deliver on its claims). But is the price really that good? The issue here is that some consumers have complained that the oversized jar misrepresents how much cream is actually inside, regardless of the net weight stipulation on the outside, saying that the cream amounts to little more than a tablespoon full.

The general consumer feedback is also very mixed, with some consumers giving the cream an average rating, but others complaining that it takes longer to dry and leaves a sticky residue. We also couldn’t find a single patented ingredient, with leading manufacturers containing about six such patented ingredients (patents in cosmetics prove that you are either using a new ingredient or synergy of ingredients, or using it in a new way; and must clinically hold up to the claims that form the basis for a patent in the first place). As specific ingredients clinically proven to tackle under-eye puffiness and dark circles are missing, we also doubt very much that the product alleviates these issues. Therefore, despite the attractively low price, we do not think this eye cream will give you the benefits you seek and it is likely to be mostly a waste of time.

What Is Illuminating Eye Cream? The eye beauty market is crammed with products all containing the best marketing speak about being able to keep those crows’ feet and fine skin creases at bay. Consumers are faced with the difficult task of separating fact from fiction, with some forking out thousands…
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