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Active Forskolin Review (UPDATED 2018): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.
Active Forskolin is a dietary supplement that has been developed with the goal of helping individuals shed a few extra pounds. The manufacturer indicates that the supplement is completely natural which makes losing weight much easier. In addition to helping you lose weight, this supplement also helps to stimulate the…
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Active Forskolin is a dietary supplement that has been developed with the goal of helping individuals shed a few extra pounds. The manufacturer indicates that the supplement is completely natural which makes losing weight much easier. In addition to helping you lose weight, this supplement also helps to stimulate the metabolism and increases fat breakdown by stimulating lipase.

It’s advertising also claims that Active Forskolin can help you in difficult situations such as when someone brings along a big slice of cake or when you miss a workout to go out with friends. Moreover, the advertising claims that this supplement can help pick up some of the slack by melting fat.

This supplement claims to be one of the most effective weight loss supplements that are available on the market. This is because it is all natural and also stands out because there are no known side effects with the use of this product.  


Active Forskolin works with the idea of losing weight through firstly stimulating the metabolism. Most people who have a slow metabolism (may it be due to a sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy food choices) tend to pick up weight. Thus, the body is not burning many calories. With a faster metabolism, your body can now burn calories as well as fat more efficiently. This means that whenever you eat, your body starts to break down the food faster and there is a less chance that the food gets stored as fat.

The second thing that this supplement claims to provide is an increase in the stimulation and activity of an enzyme called lipase. This enzyme helps to increase the breakdown of fat. Thus, an increase in the enzyme lipase will result in an increase in fat loss. The manufacturer claims that Active Forskolin can help break down that extra fat that has been stored in the body for years, as well as when you eat fatty meals. Ultimately, the end result will be weight loss.

Now that you know what the supplement claims to do, it is also important to know what the supplement Active Forskolin is made up of. The main active ingredient in this product is coleus forskohlii. This is an herb that has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine to help treat heart disorders that include high blood pressure and chest pain (angina) and even used to help treat asthma.

Forskolin is a chemical that is found in the root of this plant and it is used as a fat burning supplement. This chemical helps to increase cellular levels of a molecule called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). When your cAMP levels have been elevated, it increases the rate of fat loss, and also helps to improve other fat burning compounds. A lot more research studies and scientific evidence is needed for the effects of this chemical, however, the current evidence that is available seems to be promising.

Now, when looking at the supplement Active Forskolin, you need to be provided with a few nutritional facts to ensure it is as effective as or even better than other forskolin supplements. Unfortunately, the manufacturer fails to provide the user with a nutritional facts sheet, a full ingredients list, the specific concentration of coleus forskohlii, or the daily serving size. Without this information, customers will not be able to make an informed decision about the effectiveness of the product and they will not be able to compare it against other brands.

When choosing a forskolin supplement, it is best to select one that is standardized to 20% and which is stated on the label of the product. Other than providing an all natural supplement, it should also contain no additives, binders, or fillers, as well as no other extra ingredients. In addition to the product being 100% natural and pure, it should also come in a vegetarian capsule. When looking at the daily serving, the safe and effective dosage should be a 250 mg capsule, 2 times a day (500 mg total per day).


The biggest benefit, as stated by the manufacturer, for Active Forskolin is that it helps you lose weight faster. In addition to this benefit, they also claim that it can help increase the metabolism much faster, help stimulate lipase activation, and also help to burn fat more effectively on a daily basis. They also believe it is much safer and more effective due to the fact that the supplement is made from all natural ingredients.

The fact that there is some scientific research that backs the use of forskolin as a weight loss aid and to help reduce fat mass is beneficial for this supplement. However, we are unsure of the concentration of the formula.

Potentially, the manufacturer states that Active Forskolin can help you burn fat even though you eat fatty foods and skip that gym session. This means that they actually say you can do whatever you want to, however, you will burn fat when you use this supplement. Unfortunately, it does not work this way as there is no miracle pill that will just help you lose weight.  


When looking at the main ingredient in this supplement, and also the only ingredient we know is in this product, the manufacturer states that there are no side effects. This is because the ingredient forskolin is derived from a natural source and not artificially manufactured in a lab. However, the manufacturer does not provide a nutritional facts sheet or the ingredients label and customers will not be able to see what else is in this supplement. By not knowing, an individual can take this Active Forskolin supplement and cause more harm to their body than initially intended.

Research indicates that coleus forskohlii supplementation can cause an increase in stomach acid levels and may not be beneficial for individuals that have stomach ulcers. Also, something which is not mentioned by the manufacturer or on the advertising is that this main ingredient may be unsafe for pregnant women as high doses may slow or stop the growth of the fetus. Women who are breastfeeding, children under the age of 18, and persons who are on medication should consult their doctor before using this supplement or any other supplement.

It is also important to remember that individuals with heart disease or those with low blood pressure should also caution the use of this product.


We were unable to find a price for Active Forskolin. The only offer available for this product is a “Free Trial Offer”. This method of getting the supplement is solely to reel you in. Once you have provided your details, it is usually very difficult to cancel your order and you may receive the product every month. The problem with this is that you have to then pay for the product and it may work out much more expensive than you intended.

In addition to this downside, the manufacturer also fails to provide a money-back guarantee. As a result, you may be at risk when purchasing Active Forskolin.


Active Forskolin may seem to be a promising supplement, due to the fact that it contains an all-natural form of coleus forskohlii, however, there are many downsides to this supplement that make us think otherwise.

We have completed many forskolin reviews, however, the manufacturer of this product does not seem to disclose all the necessary information customers need to make an informed decision. Customers are unable to see the label of the product. As a result, there is no nutritional facts sheet, ingredients list, or daily dosage instructions that can be viewed. Unfortunately, the manufacturer also fails to offer a cost-effective price list and only provides a “Free Trial”. Lastly, there is no guarantee and the risk lies with you.

In conclusion, Active Forskolin seems to be hiding crucial information from their customers which also makes it difficult to compare to other brands. Due to the findings in this forskolin review, we are unable to recommend Active Forskolin as a safe and effective weight loss supplement.

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Samantha graduated with a Pharm. D. from Frederic University School of Pharmacy and has worked as a licensed pharmacist for over 25 years. She is well known in her community as an accessible, knowledgeable and trustworthy medical resource. She continually raises awareness for issues that are important to her community such as the dangers of drug use during pregnancy. Additionally, she offers free training classes for everything from insulin pumps to defibrillators. Samantha has also been published numerous times in scholarly and professional journals and would like to expand that number now that her children are grown and have left the house. Samantha starts every day with a Buddhist meditation and has plans to attend a retreat in South Africa this coming year.

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