Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum for Anti-Aging

UPDATED Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum Review 2018: Is It Effective?

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Darryl Powers, Ph.D.
Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum has most definitely been designed with the customer in mind which is in need of an anti-aging night serum. It works at night for night-time healing and repair. It distributes powerful and highly concentrated active ingredients deeply and directly into the skin, penetrating intensively to…
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Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum has most definitely been designed with the customer in mind which is in need of an anti-aging night serum. It works at night for night-time healing and repair. It distributes powerful and highly concentrated active ingredients deeply and directly into the skin, penetrating intensively to rejuvenate, revitalize, hydrate and nourish the face and neck.

Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum contains 6 trademarked, patented ingredients specially formulated to enhance collagen and elastin production, improve skin texture, promote a healthy glow, activate cell renewal and repair to slow down the signs of aging and provide a protective layer against harmful environmental elements. It is effortless and light to apply and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy or sticky on the face or neck. Providing a super plump and ultra smooth skin. This product is suitable for all skin types and age groups.

Benefits of this product:

  • Aids skin renewal
  • Acts as an instant facelift
  • Increased skin hydration by up to 95%
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduces photoaging
  • Restores damaged skin
  • Protects from external elements
  • Preserves human skin stem cells’ function
  • Improves facial contours by attaching dermal architecture
  • Protects against microbial pathogens by boosting skin immunity
  • Provides targeted anti-aging science to smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Specific Information about the research studies, quality standards, and night serum reviews are available for all to view. You can find the information you need on their official website



Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum contains a concentration of 10% clinically-proven active ingredients (based on scientific research and clinical studies), as well as 6 patented and trademarked clinically-proven ingredients. Which raises the standard (the industry standard being around 1-2%) as most night serums contain maybe 1 or 2 active ingredients. This product has been third-party tested to ensure safety and effectiveness, and it is animal-friendly and vegan-friendly.

Agelyss Age-Defying Night Serum works equally well for both men and woman and is formulated without phthalates, synthetic dyes, parabens, hormones, or petrochemicals. Only 100% pure natural steam distilled/cold-pressed essential oils are used.

Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum is manufactured in FDA registered laboratory which is cGMP certified, ensuring the reduction of potential contamination and total purity. It is sealed in an airtight container with a protective seal to further make sure the ingredients are at its purest and no contamination is present.



  • Trylagen PCB
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Glucare4 S 2%
  • Gatuline In-Tense
  • PhytoCell Tec Alp Rose

Trylagen PCB – A combination of active peptides and proteins which boosts the synthesis of collagen types I, III and IV to help restore and maintain healthy collagen levels and slow down degradation. This inhibits enzymatic destruction and controls collagen fibril dimension to ensure healthy, dewy and younger looking skin.

Matrixyl 3000 – An anti-aging peptide which combats wrinkled, sagging skin, discolorations and dryness by mimicking the body’s natural peptides to signal to the skin it needs more collagen and elastin to retain youthful beauty. It contains matrikines which are messengers of cutaneous restructuration and repair. These compounds activate the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix macromolecules furnishing this product with a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy.

Glucare4 S 2% – Revitalizes the skin’s’ own active defense system and intensifies the natural repair processes of damaged skin. Particularly suited for aging and sensitive skin, this key ingredient helps to uplift and boost the natural protection system of the skin in order to revitalize and repair it. The result is healthier and less aged skin.

SYN-COLL – A patented, synthetic tripeptide which effectively slows down the skin’s aging process. It mimics the body’s own mechanism, simultaneously boosting collagen production as well as protection against collagen degradation. This actively removes wrinkles and fine lines to reveal a more lifted, sculpted look and refined pore appearance for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Gatuline In-Tense – A combination of active peptides and proteins which combat aging skin. This boosts collagen production and prevents collagen degradation. By plumping out wrinkles and smoothing fine lines, this transforms the dermal structure for a firming and tightening effect.

PhytoCellTec Alp Rose – A cosmetic ingredient based on stem cells of alpine rose leaves. It promotes the energy and longevity of skin stem cells. It strengthens the skin barrier and provides escalated protection to the skin against climate-induced stress. By using plant stem cells it delays the skin’s  aging process (by protecting vital skin stem cells), maintaining stronger, younger looking skin, and giving it a more vital appearance. The overall effect is protecting the skin using special protective ingredients from this extremely resistant alpine plant.

The makers of Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum especially highlight Trylagen PCB. This patented ingredient is a combination of active peptides and proteins which provide an effective treatment to restore the collagen levels of youth to mature skin. This promotes long-lasting collagen production that will ensure healthy and youthful skin.

Other benefits of Trylagen PCB:

  • Boosts Collagen Synthesis
  • Uniformizes fibril diameter and spacing
  • Inhibits enzymatic destruction

As we age, the synthesis of collagen is reduced and both degradation and disorganization of the fibril network are increased, resulting in connective tissue damage, and the loss of the skin’s three-dimensional integrity, culminating in the development of wrinkles. Trylagen PCB acts at these three stages in the life of collagen and its activity is made up of three main functions: boosts the synthesis of Collagen types I, III and IV, controls collagen fibril dimensions and inhibits enzymatic destruction, preventing excessive collagen damage in aged skin.


Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum is suitable for mature and sun damaged skin, all skin types and ages, including sensitive skin. This anti-aging night serum has been clinically formulated and tested to address concerns for all skin types. The manufacturer has formulated this product without the use of harsh, toxic substances that may cause skin irritation.


One container of Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum can be purchased online at a price of $69.00. The manufacturer also offers discounts when purchasing this product in bulk. For a three month supply, a bottle costs $43.00 each and for a six month supply, each bottle costs $33.00, which offers you a savings of up to 63%.

For a clinically-proven product with 10% active ingredients, which are formulated to the highest standards to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and slow down the signs of aging, this is a great deal.

If you consider what you are getting for the price paid, this is an awesome deal as this anti-aging night serum activates cell renewal and repair to slow down the signs of aging, provides a protective layer against harmful environmental elements, improves skin’s texture, promotes a healthy glow, and enhances collagen and elastin production.

Check out the discounted savings for Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum.


The manufacturer offers a 365-day money back guarantee. If a customer is unhappy with the product for any reason it may be returned opened or unopened for a refund, excluding shipping charges.

Sufficient detailed information is available on their official website and no evidence of any hidden information could be found as their website is completely transparent. They comply with the US Pharmacopeia standards for quality and purity.

No complaints are evident about the way they operate or the company’s return policy. Consumers were pleased with the treatment they received.


You can find Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum reviews on their official website. Here are some examples of reviews:
“Slathering on this night serum before I go to sleep has literally changed my face. I was so depressed when I used to see my face in the mirror, but not anymore!”
“As I started to go through night cream at an alarming rate, I knew I needed to find something more affordable than what I was using. This night serum is simply wonderful. It is extremely effective and doesn’t cost a fortune.”
“When people ask me for the secret to my glowing skin, I tell them about this nighttime serum. Everyone always calls to thank me and tell me they’re also hooked on it. Thank you for a truly spectacular skincare product. “

“This night serum is incredible! When I first noticed the signs of aging on my face, I began my nightly applications and my face responded so well. Waking up to a dewy complexion is a fantastic confidence booster. “

“From the hermetically sealed pump to the way it seamlessly absorbs into my skin and fully hydrates, I adore this age-defying serum. Don’t settle for substitutes!”

“I don’t expect miracles from a skincare product, but this one has kept my skin looking and feeling it’s best as I age. People think I’m 10-15 years younger than I really am which leaves me feeling fabulous. “

“I’m highly skeptical and very cautious about most beauty products, and I have found this product to do all it says it does. I am so grateful for this serum. It’s just amazing and affordable. “

“This is a high-quality product which costs a fraction of the luxury brands! I’ve tried many expensive products over the years and this one works just as well, if not better.”
“Love the results and the way it makes my skin feel! I never thought I would feel so strongly about a skincare product but I am over-the-moon! “
Click here to read more about the customer reviews.


Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum has been scientifically researched contains a very high standard of five clinically proven patented active ingredients (10%), to provide deep tissue absorption which intensely hydrates, rejuvenates, revitalizes and nourishes the face and neck. The formulation, which contains a synergistic herbal blend, is 100% paraben free and contains antioxidant boosting properties.

This product simply has no comparison it is a premium quality anti-aging night serum.

Agelyss Age Defying Night Serum has no hidden fees and is backed by a world-class 365-day money back guarantee.

Investing in this product will not only secure a more radiant complexion but as the guarantee states – you have nothing to lose!

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Dr. Powers holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Michigan Technological University. Darryl is a published biomedical researcher with an expertise in the field of dietary supplement research. Additionally, he is a well-known speaker on consumer healthcare issues. He feels strongly about bringing his wealth of knowledge to the consumer in order for the layperson to make educated decisions about their health and wellbeing. Nothing energizes him more than helping people advocate for their own health. In his downtime, Darryl enjoys attending sporting events with his family and running on the treadmill while listening to his favorite podcast of the moment.

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