Mycota Powder & Cream for Athlete's Foot

Mycota Powder & Cream Review

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Dylan Wingate BScPhm, RPh

What is Mycota Powder & Cream?

This is a review on Mycota Powder & Cream, two types of applications under the same brand that claim to relieve the associated symptoms of athlete’s foot such as itching and burning, as well as prevent the fungal infection from recurring in the future. This review shall assess these claims by examining the ingredients and dosage. We shall also overview the potential customer experience; giving you peace of mind.


This product comes in both a powder and cream form. The key active ingredients are undecylenic acid, an effective antifungal ingredient commonly used in many athletes foot remedies, and zinc undecylenate, an ingredient known to reduce swelling and skin irritation. The cream concentrations of the various applications are as follows:

  • Powder: 2% undecylenic acid, 20% zinc undecylenate
  • Cream: 5% undecylenic acid, 20% zinc undecylenate

Both product’s concentrations of undecylenic acid are concerning as the market standard percentage is 25% for effective fungal relief. This may indicate that this product may not be as effective in relieving fungal infections of this nature when compared to competing products. There are also concerning ‘other ingredients’ added to this formula; such as liquid paraffin and perfume compounds. These ingredients have been known to have adverse side effects such as aggravated skin irritations and prompted allergic reactions. Furthermore, there is no mention of this product being manufactured in a GMP certified facility, which may imply that quality was not a priority during the manufacturing process.


For best results, the manufacturer claims these products should be used together and in succession. First, wash and dry the affected area thoroughly. Then apply Mycota cream to affected area ensuring to apply in between toes. Then, dust the area with Mycota powder. This process should be completed twice a day, in the morning and evening, for 1 week after the infection has cleared. As a preventative measure, the powder can be applied onto clean feet as well as sprinkled into clean socks, stockings, and shoes on a daily basis. As mentioned before, the low concentration of the key active ingredient is concerning, meaning that these products used together could take longer to work than other individual products on the market. As there is no mention of the amount of the additional ingredients per unit, we recommend performing a spot test to ensure there will be no allergic reactions. The manufacturer suggests consulting a doctor before use; and that pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should refrain from use.

What is the Cost?

These products can be purchased from a third-party site that links to the manufacturer’s website. For the 70g unit of Mycota Powder, customers can expect to pay $5,26. For the 25g unit of Mycota Cream, you are looking at $3,67 per unit. There is no indication of package deals or additional discounts available for these products. Although this product may be affordable, the low concentration of the key ingredient as well as the addition of potentially harmful filler ingredients may cost you more in the long run.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

There is no mention of a manufacturer’s guarantee or any indications of a returns policy in place. This is highly concerning as it shows a lack of confidence on behalf of the manufacturer in the efficacy of their product. Third-party sites may have their own returns policy, but it is uncertain if this would apply to opened and tested products. Customer reviews have disclosed that this product was ineffective, even after 2 weeks of use. There were also many complaints against the stench of the foot powder.

Our Final Review of Mycota Powder & Cream

Mycota Powder & Cream contain popular ingredients that have been known to relieve the symptoms associated with athletes foot. The powder application may also be effective in the prevention of this fungal infection as it can be applied to feet as well as shoes, socks, and stockings. However, the concentration of the key fungus-fighting ingredient, undecylenic acid, is substantially lower in both products when compared to competing products on the market. There are also concerning additional ingredients added that may cause adverse effects, as well as a lack of quality assurance from GMP guidelines and manufacturer guarantee. For these reasons, we do not recommend this product.

What is Mycota Powder & Cream? This is a review on Mycota Powder & Cream, two types of applications under the same brand that claim to relieve the associated symptoms of athlete's foot such as itching and burning, as well as prevent the fungal infection from recurring in the future.…
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