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UPDATED Forskolin MD Review 2018 [WARNING]: Is It Really Effective?

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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.

Forskolin MD is a forskolin weight loss supplement that is designed not only to assist people who use it to lose weight but also to boost their metabolism. It is manufactured by a company called Approved Science that provides of a range of weight loss supplements and other natural remedies to assist with certain conditions. You can see all the products by clicking here. The ingredients included in this product are supported by scientific and clinical studies that have tested the benefits of taking these supplements. The main scientific claims about forskolin are that they stimulate the process of lipolysis, which is essentially breaking down stored fat and they also suppress the appetite and increase energy production.

Approved Science is quite clear about the science behind their product as they provide a simple scientific explanation but also provide a link for customers to read the clinical studies for themselves. There are also previous customer testimonials available on the website for potential buyers to read and determine if this product will be to their satisfaction. Some customers report having lost between 8 and 10 pounds in just one month from using this supplement. This forskolin review looks at the science behind these claimed benefits and also some of the other features of the product related to customer satisfaction to help potential buyers decide how this particular product compares amongst other forskolin weight loss supplements. You can get more information about this product on their website



Forskolin MD contains pure forskolin root extract. There are no extra synthetic ingredients in this product that could reduce its effectiveness or actually cause harm. Even the casing of the capsule is completely natural and vegan-friendly. This supplement contains no pharmaceutical ingredients which normally come with a long list of side effects.

Forskolin MD is tested by a third party to make sure that it lives up to the claims made on the label, i.e. that there are no adulterations to the product. The product is also certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices Authority which has a list of standards that these sort of products adhere to in order to make sure that they are of a desirable level of quality.

So this product seems to balance being gentle on the body, with still being potent, by sticking to ingredients that are organic and chemical free but still at a high enough dosage to be effective.

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As mentioned before there is only one active ingredient in this product which is forskolin root extract. It is a completely natural ingredient that is plant-based. Forskolin is so well understood at the moment that it even has its own Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) with a National Library of Medicine. This means that there are hundreds and possibly even thousands of studies on the effects of forskolin root extract in the body.

WebMD notes that forskolin is used medically for heart conditions and asthma and could be used for a range of conditions which include being overweight, high blood pressure and seizures. specifically mentions that forskolin

‘Reduces fat mass’, ‘Lessens fatigue’ and ‘Reduces weight’.

What is really quite remarkable is that scientists have even discovered the effects of forskolin on the molecular level. Almost all of its effects on the body are caused by its effect on one enzyme called adenylate cyclase. Adenylate cyclase is present in just about every kind of cell in the human body.

In adipocytes or fat cells, adenylate cyclase produces a molecule called cAMP which, in turn, activates another enzyme called protein kinase A. Protein kinase A activates the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats into their basic components of three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule.

The effect of this is that the stored fats are then broken up and released to be used either as a source of energy or excreted. Fats are a very rich source of energy and this might contribute in some way to enhancing overall energy production.

The significance of working out exactly how forskolin affects the human body shows that the research into it is quite advanced and that a lot more can be deduced about forskolin in the near future.


At the dosage given in this product, which is 500mg and 20% forskolin, they really should be no adverse side effects. In very large doses forskolin can cause flushing of the skin and low blood pressure.

However, it is important for certain groups of people to be very cautious when using forskolin. Some studies have shown that high doses of forskolin can stop the growth of a developing baby. It’s probably a better idea to avoid forskolin altogether if you are pregnant but if you would like to try it then consult a doctor first.

Breastfeeding mothers should also consult a doctor before trying this supplement. Potential customers who have bleeding disorders or heart disease are advised to consult a healthcare professional before trying this product and anyone scheduled to have surgery within 2 weeks should stop using the product for that amount of time.


Customers can buy 60 capsules of Forskolin MD for $49,95. The price of one unit of the supplement is quite reasonable considering exactly what is offered, in terms of the ingredients at that dosage.

Not every product can claim to be free of chemical additives but still have the ingredients to be proven potent by clinical research. The number of health benefits derived from this one ingredient are also quite vast.

Instead of buying individual supplements for weight loss, energy production and improved general health, just one supplement can be purchased to achieve all of these benefits. In fact, the health benefits of it by forskolin and weight loss, are protective of the heart and can reduce the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

A helpful option offered by this manufacturer is that customers can purchase several units of Forskolin MD at once, at a discounted rate which helps customers to save money if they use this product in the long term.

Check out the discounted savings for Forskolin MD.


Customers have up to 60 days to return the product if they are not satisfied with the results. The manufacturer grants 100% of the purchase price back for the customers’ satisfaction. The manufacturer will return the money even if the full course of the product has been used because they want customers to try the product fully.

The manufacturer has a contact line where customers can reach them telephonically or through their website. The details are very clear and easy for customers to access, which is always a good sign.


There are plenty of forskolin reviews that have been left by consumers of this product on both the manufacturer’s website and on third-party retail sites. Some of the reviews read as follows:

“I have always been on a diet and my weight goes up/down like a yo-yo. But since I started taking Forskolin MD, the weight is not only dropping off me but staying off!”

“I have lost over 8 lbs in a month”

“This supplement is a great natural booster for getting rid of old fat and for stopping the hunger pangs that I used to pander to all day long! “

There were no negative reviews citing side effects, and the results would definitely noticeable by most customers. Some of the results are quite dramatic, such as losing up to 15 pounds in 1 month.

Of course results vary from individual to individual, but as far as a product that claims to assist with weight loss goes, the results seem pretty impressive.


Forskolin MD is a well-established product which has positives on a number of fronts. Beginning just with the ingredients, they are completely natural and free from added chemicals. As such, this product is very unlikely to cause any side effects. The ingredient is also backed by intense scientific research and clinical studies, which greatly supports its effectiveness. It’s also quite refreshing that the manufacturer shares this information quite clearly and understandably for their customers to see on their website.

There are multiple benefits derived from just this one main ingredient so the value for money is quite high. Customers who take forskolin receive weight loss benefits, increased energy production and protection from risk factors of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Forskolin MD is also backed by a great 30-day money back guarantee that has no hidden fees.

This is quite helpful as customers don’t have to commit to losing any money and makes the purchase very low risk. It also suggests that the manufacturer is not out to scam its customers in any way.

Based on the forskolin reviews, customers who previously bought the product have also enjoyed it and many are happy to use Forskolin MD on a regular basis.

Forskolin MD is a forskolin weight loss supplement that is designed not only to assist people who use it to lose weight but also to boost their metabolism. It is manufactured by a company called Approved Science that provides of a range of weight loss supplements and other natural remedies…
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