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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.

Approved Science Keto is a product that has been designed to act as a support supplement for those who are following a low carb diet or ketogenic weight loss plan. The manufacturer claims that this product will help you to reach a state of ketosis faster. They further also claim that this product may help to reduce cravings, help to control appetite, lower blood sugar and restore electrolytes. It is said that this product can increase performance, boost energy and burn fat faster as it stimulates the body to use fat for fuel instead of carbs (glucose). Energy is also stabilized which helps to avoid the common ‘dip’ which is often experienced during a keto weight loss diet as this supplement regulates blood sugar levels. It can also help you to reduce the number of calories consumed each day as feelings of satiety will increase and appetite will be suppressed. Other benefits include decreasing inflammation in the body, enhancing cognitive improvements, soothing gastrointestinal disturbances and boosting heart health.

This product has been produced and studied in a cGMP certified, top-quality, FDA licensed laboratory under professional conditions. The benefits of the ingredients found in this formula have been published by organizations such as the Journal of Neurochemistry, Nutrition & Metabolism and Frontiers in Physiology. Is this too good to be true? Find out whether this product lives up to its claims in the review below. You can also find more info on the company’s website



The ingredients included in this formula were selected based on clinical data by a team of scientific researchers and doctors. This product was designed to get more effective results than other Keto supplements available on the market. It contains 200mg of ketones as well as four different ketone salts – this is not the case for most other Ketone formulas. It also contains Bioperine which increases the bioavailability of nutrients as well as MCT oil which burns fat-burning ketosis.

There are also no unnecessary binders, fillers, preservatives, additives or proprietary blends added to this formula which makes it a much healthier supplement for your overall well-being. This product was formulated based on years of clinical studies and research, each ingredient was carefully selected in order to get the ultimate keto weight loss benefits and fat burning results with no negative side effects.  



  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Ketone Salts
  • Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oil
  • Bioperine (Piperine)

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Ketone Salts – A combination of 4 different clinically proven ketone salts, namely Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These salts help your body to reach a state of ketosis effectively and quickly in order to facilitate weight loss by burning fat instead of glucose. The makers of Approved Science Keto especially highlight this ingredient as it imitates the naturally occurring ketones in our bodies. These salts replenish electrolytes lost during a low carb diet and body fat is burned for incredible weight loss.  

According to Wikipedia, exogenous ketones “lower blood glucose concentrations”, “have been known to reduce hunger and the desire to eat” and “stimulate insulin secretion”.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil – A form of saturated fatty acid which breaks down more easily in the body to form ketones than traditional oil, which has numerous health benefits such as increasing feelings of satiety and optimal ketosis results.

WebMD states that MCTs are made by processing palm kernel and coconut oils in the laboratory. They are often used as medicine which treats food absorption disorders such as digestion problems, liver disease, celiac disease and diarrhea. It is also used to treat seizures in children, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, AIDS and gallbladder disease. It further gets used by athletes for nutritional support, to aid with weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat and increase exercise performance.

Bioperine (Piperine) – An alkaloid which can be found in black pepper. It has been shown to increase bioavailability and absorption. It is a concentrated and patented source of Piperine.

A study cited by NCBI has shown that “piperine has anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive and antiarthritic effects.”


All the products used in this formula are constantly being tested in order to make sure that they are safe to consume and use. There are, therefore, no known side effects for this product. This might be because of the fact that all of the ingredients are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives. You should, however, consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement if you have a known medical condition or if you have an existing thyroid problem. The recommended dose should not be exceeded and children under 18, nursing mothers and pregnant women should consult with a physician before taking this supplement.


A one month’s supply of this product sells for $49.95. The more you buy, however, the greater savings you are offered. A wide variety of packages are available with their Best Value Package selling for only $23.30 per bottle. By choosing this option you can save up to $220 as they are currently offering an impressive discount offer that gives you six bottles for the price of three. It all depends on what best suits your needs when it comes to choosing the best package option.

With the ingredients that this product contains, this brand offers a great deal. You won’t only get all-natural ingredients which are good for your overall health, but it also includes research backed ingredients that have been shown to be effective.

It is also really quick and safe to order this product online.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend that you use a keto formula for at least 3 months in order to experience maximum results. Try the BUY 3 GET 3 Free special to help you save money.

Check out the discounted savings for APPROVED SCIENCE KETO.


A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. This is one of the best guarantees available when compared to similar products as they offer a no-questions-asked guarantee. This offer is even valid for used or empty containers. This really gives the consumer a chance to try out the product without the risk of losing their money. The offer also comes without any added charges or hidden fees.

The website explains the product really well and the manufacturers are very upfront about what they offer. No complaints have been filed about the way the company operates or about their return policy. Customers were also satisfied with the way they were treated.


There are many consumer reviews available on the manufacturer’s website stating that this product really worked for them. Here are some of the reviews that can be found online:

“I have been a fan of the Keto Diet for a few years now and think it is amazing. But I wanted a boost so decided to start taking Approved Science Keto… It works great for my body and burning unwanted fat. Five Star product!”

“Getting my body into ketosis has been the only way that I was able to shed my jelly belly after giving birth to my twins 3 years ago…I did lots of research on the net to find the best keto support supplement and one that was vegan too and I came across Approved Science Keto…I would recommend this product and I am very happy with the service that this company offers.”

“Since I started taking Approved Science Keto, my life has seemed to speed up. My body is leaner and more toned but my mind seems more focused and sharper.”

It seems that most people who have purchased this product were very happy with it and many have reported that they noticed a significant amount of weight-loss after having taken this supplement for only a short while.

No issues with side effects or with people having to return this product were mentioned.


Approved Science Keto is not only made with all natural ingredients, but it has also been scientifically proven to be effective. Not only do studies show that it is effective, but consumer reviews show that clients are very happy with the results of this product. The company also makes it very clear how the process works.

It contains key ingredients such as Bioperine, MCT Oil and 4 types of ketone salts. It does not contain any harmful ingredients such as fillers, binders, preservatives or additives which makes it better for overall well-being and health. It has been tested for quality and has been proven to be safe to consume. This formula is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There are many positive reviews available on the manufacturer’s and other retailers’ websites.

APPROVED SCIENCE KETO is also backed by a great 60-day money-back guarantee that has no hidden fees.

There really is no risk in purchasing this product.

Approved Science Keto is a product that has been designed to act as a support supplement for those who are following a low carb diet or ketogenic weight loss plan. The manufacturer claims that this product will help you to reach a state of ketosis faster. They further also claim…
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