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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.

What Is Consumer Health?

Consumer Health is a manufacturer of natural products and dietary supplements. Their products cover a wide range of health topics and issues and they can be used as preventative or as relief products. Their claim to fame is that all of their products are scientifically researched and formulated with the help of top medical researchers and doctors. Their products are available through their own website and on many major third party retailer websites. Their products ship internationally.

What Makes Their Products Unique?

Every manufacturer of a natural product should have a unique branding and formulation for their product. The best manufacturers are those that have distinctive and patented ingredients and formulations. Many manufacturers claim that their products are supported by scientific research (although some don’t even do this) but what is quite special about Consumer Health is that they provide the references to this research and explain the science in a comprehensive but simple way. We feel it is important for customers to understand exactly how a supplement works for them to be assured of its effectiveness.

cGMP LogoThere are also a number of certifications bestowed upon this manufacturer that guarantee the quality of each product. Each product is certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices body and their products are produced in facilities that are FDA approved. All of their products also third-party tested to make sure that they are free from adulterations. This is an important feature of the manufacturer because customers know that the product of safe and that there aren’t any unknown components that might interfere with the active ingredients.

On the topic of other components, all of the products from Consumer Health are free from binders, preservatives and colorants. This is also important because these chemicals may be harmful to a person’s health.

Some of the products that they offer are effective natural remedies for common ailments like nail or skin fungus or a urinary tract infection. This means that customers may be able to avoid pharmaceuticals that could otherwise have detrimental side effects. (We are not saying that their products are a substitute for medical treatment, but simply a healthy alternative that can be tried – especially when discussed with a physician).

What Is Their Stance On Customer Service?

It is important for manufacturers of natural products to have a scientifically and technically sound product, but it is just as important that they show a great amount of care for their customers. Customers should not just be an empty vessel into which the manufacturer sends a product and receives money out, but rather a good relationship should be developed between the manufacturer and the customer so that the customer can trust manufacturer and receive lifelong benefits from their products.

When we reviewed Consumer Health, we found their customer service to be quite impressive too. This is because they offer great discounts (up to 67%) for customers who buy bulk sets of the product (two,four or six packages in one transaction). This helps customers to save money and time in the long run because they have to order the product less often and they pay a reduced amount for one set of products instead of paying the same price over and over and over.

Money Back Guarantee LogoAnother impressive feature is that this manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all of their products, which covers both products that have been opened or used and products that are still sealed. The reason that this is such a great feature is because it allows the customer to make absolutely certain that the product works for them – so that they did not waste their money on purchasing it. As the manufacturer explains, the guarantee is also a sign that they are very confident about the effectiveness of their product.

Some other customer service features that this manufacturer offers are:

  • They are easily contactable and provide a contact number and online form
  • Customers can choose how they’d like to pay- Mastercard, PayPal or Visa
  • The online purchases are protected by an online security company
  • The product is shipped in discreet packaging

What Others Think About Consumer Health

We took a look at some of the customer feedback reviews on the manufacturers website and on some third party retailer websites for the products that people bought from Consumer Health. The majority of these customer feedback reviews are very positive and say that the product worked effectively.

Some of the feedback reviews are not that positive (as is to be expected because some products just don’t work for everyone) but we do find it interesting that the manufacturer has noted that less than 1% of customers ever request a refund from them.

The Bottom Line Of Our Consumer Health Review

The vast range of products that this manufacturer offers is quite impressive and each product is produced to a standard that is of formidable quality. The scientific and technical aspects of the product of very well covered by research that the manufacturer describes comprehensively for their customers. All of the dosages of the active ingredients in each product are also supported by scientific literature and when compared with other products this manufacturer consistently provides high, effective dosages of the active ingredients. We appreciate that this manufacturer is so transparent with their customers.

Customer SupportThey also support their customers through their customer service by making sure that those who are not satisfied do not lose money and those who are satisfied can save money when purchasing their products. They also support customers by being available for contact and caring about the need for discretion in relation to certain products that are bought. These aspects lead us to believe that this manufacturer is really focused on customer satisfaction.

So the conclusion of our Consumer Health review is that this manufacturer is competent in all of the technical aspects of producing a natural product and their marketing and customer support is very effective too. Potential customers are encouraged to look at this manufacturer’s website and see how their products compare to others. The facts will really speak for themselves.

What Is Consumer Health? Consumer Health is a manufacturer of natural products and dietary supplements. Their products cover a wide range of health topics and issues and they can be used as preventative or as relief products. Their claim to fame is that all of their products are scientifically researched…

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Samantha graduated with a Pharm. D. from Frederic University School of Pharmacy and has worked as a licensed pharmacist for over 25 years. She is well known in her community as an accessible, knowledgeable and trustworthy medical resource. She continually raises awareness for issues that are important to her community such as the dangers of drug use during pregnancy. Additionally, she offers free training classes for everything from insulin pumps to defibrillators. Samantha has also been published numerous times in scholarly and professional journals and would like to expand that number now that her children are grown and have left the house. Samantha starts every day with a Buddhist meditation and has plans to attend a retreat in South Africa this coming year.

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