Argan Republic Rose Gold Elixir for Anti-Aging

Argan Republic Rose Gold Exquisite Day Elixir Review

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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.

What Is Rose Gold Exquisite Day Elixir?

The product we review today is a serum for the day as opposed to the night. There is a distinct difference because the night serum can be heavier as you normally would not put on makeup over it, but during the day it needs to be lightweight which Argan Republic says it is. As the bulk of the serum comes from Argan Oil with Rose Hip Oil added, this should be true as Argan absorbs well despite its luxurious liquid gold appearance. A serum is meant to be more powerful than a moisturizer and the main aim is rejuvenation and wrinkle reversal and defence. Rose Gold Exquisite Day Elixir, says the manufacturer, is mainly for mature skin as the main aim is wrinkle defence and reversal, but all skin types will, however, benefit. Raspberry seed oil is also used to protect you from UV rays and the manufacturer adds that in addition, 100% pure bulgarian rose otto is also used. This is a rare and valuable oil used for it’s anti-aging benefits and soft fragrance. You’ll also get help if you have scar or pigmentation issues says Argan Republic. As far as powerful serums go, we’ll examine it’s likely potency based on the research and numerous clinical trials that have been conducted.


  • Argan Oil
  • Rose Hip Oil
  • Rose Otto Oil
  • Raspberry Seed Oil

While we’ve already focused on what each of the ingredients do we must specifically mention Argan Oil. This rich gold in appearance oil is light, absorbs quickly, and is compatible with even the most sensitive skin. It has incredible antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to boot so will help to bring dull complexion alive and tame any angry or unsightly blemishes. While all these oils are rich in nutrients, a separate injection of vitamin C is always a must in a day serum for antioxidant and rejuvenation properties to be strengthened. A moisture barrier is also missing here. The oils will sink in deeply but there is nothing to seal in this rich hydration, meaning you are not retaining the goodness as you should. There is not a single patented clinically proven ingredient contained here the likes of which could not only slow down line formation but considerably reverse it, and also truly boost collagen production.

How To Use

Gently massage 3 to 4 drops of the product using the dropper onto your clean face and neck, and any other part of your body you desire in the morning and at night. These are solid directions although it should be added that you must tone your skin before not after applying the serum, and then continue to apply your moisturizer.

What Is The Cost?

You’ll pay $70 for a 30ml bottle on the product website. This is exorbitant when compared even to class-leading manufacturers who tick all the research boxes. It is probably down to the fact it is hand-pressed and handcrafted. You do get a discount off your first purchase though if you sign up via some prompts and discount subscriptions are available – we are always wary of auto-ship options though as consumers continue to have difficulty canceling orders once billing details are obtained. Tiny trial sizes are available for $11.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

There appears to be no mention of a return or guarantee policy; a major concern given how expensive the product is.

Our Final Review of Rose Gold Exquisite Day Elixir

The manufacturer provides detailed notes on why Argan Oil is used as the base, highlighting some very good properties. As the oil is sourced from small communities of women in Morocco making a living from hand-pressing the oil, you have the benefit of knowing that your purchase is making a direct social impact, according to the manufacturer. Good reviews exist.

There are a few concerns though such as the lack of a guarantee on a pricey serum, the lack of GMP certification and the high price. The relative scarcity of the ingredients pushes up the price but the fact remains that you could source these ingredients cheaper elsewhere, for example. On the formulation front, while each of the ingredients are remarkable all-rounders, it lacks ingredients dedicated to doing one job to lift the effectiveness long term. You will have more supple and clear skin using this, but long term this isn’t going to undo those lines quite as well as a patented ingredient or two specifically dedicated to collagen production or wrinkle reversal, for example. This is where the value argument comes in, because the leading research-based manufacturers contain no less than 5 patented ingredients that are clinically proven to be hardworking specialists in the form of peptides and more. A hydration barrier needs to be added so the goodness sinking deeply in is sealed in better as well. The bottom line is that from a consumer point of view for what you’re paying, you are getting less here than formulas with some of the most hardworking, specialist, patented clinically proven ingredients.

What Is Rose Gold Exquisite Day Elixir? The product we review today is a serum for the day as opposed to the night. There is a distinct difference because the night serum can be heavier as you normally would not put on makeup over it, but during the day it…
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