SkinCeuticals Eye Cream for Wrinkles

SkinCeuticals Eye Cream for Wrinkles Review

Darryl Powers, Ph.D.

What Is Eye Cream for Wrinkles?

This review of Eye Cream for Wrinkles focuses on how this product holds up against what is expected factually and scientifically of a good eye cream, and how likely this SkinCeuticals product is likely to work against this backdrop of how it is measured. We hope it will go some way to making your eyecare purchase less fraught with baffling choices given that there are myriad products all purporting to do the same thing, but with few delivering results. The manufacturer says its eye product will help firm the skin around your eyes and correct the appearance of dark circles and early signs of aging.


Centella Asiatica targets the skin’s elasticity. It is a plant extract that firms and keeps skin supple, while Ectoin helps your skin weather environmental pollutants and other harmful aggressors. The manufacturer says an innovative combination of peptides fights puffiness, sagging skin, and dark circles under your eyes. So far so good, but your eye area needs more attention not less. Vitamin E is a crucial antioxidant is vitamin C, and both are not foregrounded in this formula. The latter is so important in fact that one patent that caught our eye delivers this ingredient in a stable form to below the surface where it is needed so it can fight off invaders and begin its repair magic.

Speaking of patented, clinically proven ingredients, there are none present in this formula so the innovation, if any, in this formula could not be that advanced. As for missing ingredients, equally powerful is vitamin B5 which goes a long way towards doing four things: hydrating, soothing, healing and stimulating new cells to replace old ones. As mentioned, it is not present; neither are crucial ingredients such as passion flower.

How To Use

The manufacturer explicitly tells us that we can use this eye cream for normal, combination and oily or aging skin. This is useful as not all creams will be suitable for all skin types, and some cosmetic makers conveniently forget to point out the ambit of skin types that can use their products. Pump a small amount of Eye Cream on your fingertips, then dab below and around your eyes, avoiding the upper eyelids. However, you can use it on your brow bone but avoid your elbows. This is specific and to be commended as far as instructions go. However, we wonder how your upper eyelid is meant to remain tight and hydrated if you are not allowed to apply the product here.

What Is The Cost?

A 0,67 oz pump bottle retails for $72 when you pay for it on the product website. There are no discounts for buying multiple bottles, but you will be advised of a code which you can use to receive a complimentary Resveratrol B E deluxe sample to the value of $20 with all orders.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Provided that you follow the necessary authorization procedure and return the product within 30 days you’ll receive your return, but no exchanges will be made. Unusually for a return policy, you will be ‘supplied’ with shipping so it comes at no cost to you. This 30-day guarantee does not hold up to the class cosmetic leaders who are offering 60-day, 90-day, and even 365-day guarantees though. These are mostly manufacturers of natural beauty products. It is interesting that they do not form part of a huge market rollout the likes of L’Oreal (SkinCeuticals is part of the L’Oreal family) but feel confident enough based on product efficacy to give such generous extended guarantee periods.

Our Final Review of Eye Cream for Wrinkles

Despite the fact that it is not patented, the synthesis of Centella Asiatica and Ectoin in an eye cream formula is quite novel and delivers some good protective and healing properties. We also like the broad appeal of the product – because it is quite natural, it is suitable for normal, combination and oily aging skin.

However, we highlighted some missing heavyweight ingredients in our discussion under Ingredients and it remains a concern. Because these components are integral to a multifaceted, robust approach to targeting problem eye areas and reversing lines and wrinkles, particularly as shown in the clinical data from some other patented ingredients, the cream simply cannot go as far as it should in meeting its product claims of keeping your skin firm and alleviating dark circles.

What Is Eye Cream for Wrinkles? This review of Eye Cream for Wrinkles focuses on how this product holds up against what is expected factually and scientifically of a good eye cream, and how likely this SkinCeuticals product is likely to work against this backdrop of how it is measured.…
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