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Updated Keto Premium Review 2018 [WARNING]: Is It Really Effective?

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Samantha Somerson, PharmD.

Keto Premium is a ketone salt product that claims to boost its users into a state of ketosis or help them maintain it. Ketone salts are a completely natural supplement that have been proven to assist people with weight loss as well as provide several other health benefits such as increased mental focus and general enhanced energy. Their website lists several means of weight loss through using their supplement such as suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar and directly breaking down fat deposits.

The manufacturer even provides a link on their own website to one of the leading clinical studies behind the use of their product which scientifically prove its effectiveness. But does the science support all of the manufacturers claims? On top of the product do they provide good customer service, and produce satisfied customers? This review answers these questions and more. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website at



The manufacturer specifically states that there are no added filler, binder or preservative ingredients. Their products are evaluated by a third party to ensure that they meet the criteria for a pure product.

Keto Premium is also certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) body that provides a very comprehensive list of standards that products need to meet in order to be considered of good enough quality. Having the GMP certification means that the product underwent stringent and rigorous testing to ensure it’s quality.

Many weight loss supplements produce the jittery feeling in their customers that could cause them to feel unwell but this product does not do that, according to both the manufacturer and some of the customers who have given their testimonials about the product.

The science behind the research is also very convincing. The researchers found that there was a statistically significant reduction in blood sugar and fat levels. The study was also very clear that 100% ketone salts were used. similar to the ketone salts present in Keto Premium.



  • Calcium beta hydroxybutyrate
  • Magnesium beta hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium beta hydroxybutyrate
  • Potassium beta hydroxybutyrate
  • Medium chain triglyceride oil
  • Bioperine

1. Beta hydroxybutyrate salts: the first four listed ingredients are salt formed by the association of minerals with the ketone beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

When the salts are absorbed into the body, they release the minerals and the ketones into the blood to be taken up by the various organs in the body. BHB salts aren’t really discussed yet on sites like WebMD but NCBI, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, has plenty of scientific articles which discuss the effectiveness of BHB salts.

Scientific research into beta hydroxybutyrate has determined that high levels of it in the blood affect the mitochondria of various cells in different organs and cause them to favor the fat-burning energy pathways as compared to their carbohydrate ones. The claims of enhancing mental focus and energy are also supported by scientific research but mostly by studies that looked into the effect of a ketogenic diet. In principle, the idea is still the same because there are still high levels of beta hydroxybutyrate in the blood with a ketogenic diet.

BHB is also completely natural in the body because it is the exact ketone that the body produces when it is in ketosis.

These minerals released from the BHB salts have several functions in the body.

Sodium assists with conduction of electrical messages between the brain and peripheral nerves and back to the brain. Calcium is very important for muscle contraction especially in the heart, and magnesium is very important in energy production. The functions of all of these minerals can be found on the Linus Pauling Institute website.

An added benefit of having the ketone administered in the form of a salt is that customers are very unlikely to experience some of the mineral deficiencies that are associated with a ketogenic diet. People who simply follow the ketogenic diet are at increased risk of a sodium deficiency, but when taking ketone salts this is not a problem.

2. Medium chain triglycerides: medium chain triglycerides are a source of fats that get absorbed and metabolized quickly to produce ketones.

According to, medium chain triglycerides assist with:

“increasing metabolic rate”

“decreasing fat maths to a greater degree than… long chain fatty acids”

And “increasing the percentage of calories derived from lipids”

An advantage to having medium chain triglycerides as compared to long chain triglycerides is that the medium length chains are absorbed much faster and so they are metabolized more quickly to produce more ketones and exert their effects.

The manufacturers of Keto Premium especially highlight this ingredient as an added extra to their product because that significantly enhances the weight loss benefits of ketone salts.

3. Bioperine: bioperine is added to many natural products to increase the absorption of all the other ingredients. Bioperine is a premium ingredient that is exclusively available in very few supplements.


The manufacturer states specifically that there are no known side effects associated with taking their product. This is especially important in light of the fact that they use all natural ingredients and that their product is third-party tested and cGMP certified. However they also state that it is important for customers with chronic medical conditions or women who are pregnant or nursing to contact a doctor before using this product. It is also important to stay within the dosage guidelines to avoid any unwanted side effects. This product is also not necessarily designed to be used by people under the age of 18 and a physician should be consulted before considering such use.


A month supply (30 capsules) of will cost $48 if bought as one unit on its own. The manufacturer has various deals for purchasing several bottles together. The benefit of this is that when customers switch to purchasing the product long term, as many customers have, it is much simpler to buy a large quantity of the product and earn a discount while doing it.

If one considers what they are getting for this price then the value for money seems very reasonable. This product contains scientifically proven ingredients, and is guaranteed to be free of any preservatives for other unwanted chemical additives. It’s also a multi-benefit supplement. In other words it provides many health benefits by just taking one pill.

For taking just the supplement, the customer receives weight loss benefits, with blood sugar control and also increased energy and mental focus. So these ketone pills help to improve overall health by targeting several different aspects of it.

Check out the discounted savings for Keto Premium.


Keto Premium office 100% satisfaction guarantee that is valid for 90 days. This guarantee is valid even if the product has been completely used. It is very helpful for customers to be allowed to try the full course of the product before having to decide if they are happy with their results.

The manufacturer is very upfront about their guarantee and the link on the homepage leads you directly to the details of the policy. It is also very encouraging for customers to know that they are spending their money on a product that the manufacturer is so confident about.


The manufacturer provides some of the customers’ feedback. Customers said they were unsure about keto pills but after trying these, they love this product.

One customer even stated she was:

thinner now than I was before having kids!”

And that she is:

“a happy Keto convert!”

There haven’t been any complaints of side effects either.

Some customers saw their results within as little as a week but, of course, as with all natural products, there is a variation.


Keto Premium contains all natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective. It is also free of any unwanted or untested chemicals which makes it safe as well.

This manufacturer appears to be quite trustworthy because they give all of the relevant information to the customer up front and do not try to hide anything. They have an easy to reach customer support team as well.

Using this product provides not only one but several benefits to health including weight loss, improved mental focus and blood sugar control. Compared to other ketone supplements, this one seems to have enhanced effectiveness due to the added medium chain triglycerides and bioperine which are both formulated to increase the absorption of this product.

The cost of Keto Premium is also very reasonable, especially considering the quality of product that the customer is receiving.

Most importantly, customers are not taking a risk when purchasing this product because if they find it they are not satisfied with their results, they can return it even if they bought a bulk package.

Keto Premium is a ketone salt product that claims to boost its users into a state of ketosis or help them maintain it. Ketone salts are a completely natural supplement that have been proven to assist people with weight loss as well as provide several other health benefits such as…
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